Survive the Fiscal Cliff

Survive the Fiscal Cliff – 52 Weeks of Savings

She Makes Cents (Blogger) has started participating in the 52 Week Savings Plan and I think it is a terrific idea and totally in line with the Survive the Fiscal Cliff series.  Since it is the first week of the New Year this is the best time to begin.

Basically, you put a set amount of money away each week – based on the week number.  For me, payday is Friday.  So every Friday (although I get paid bi-weekly), I will put money away.  Week 1 – $1; Week 2 – $2; Week 52 – $52.  At the end of the year, as long as there are no fluctuations I should have $1,378.

So this is the plan – it is a .jpg file so you can just right click on it if you wish to incorporate it into your “survive the fiscal cliff” strategy.  Good luck!, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

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