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How Do I Read So Many Books and How You Can Too

I often get asked this question – How do you find the time to read so much? 
Well, that is funny because there was a time where I just loved reading but didn’t see how I could fit even reading one book in, much less the hundreds that I do now.
First, I did quite a bit of self study for speed reading.  I became pretty proficient at it but learning to speed read is so much easier on a kindle/ipad.  I can tell you that I use several apps on each to practice and stay fine tuned.  I will not refer to any one in particular because I have found that they are all pretty similar – just search “speed reading” and you will get many results – many of which are free.
I also practice in small bursts on my laptop with the following website – http://www.spreeder.com/.
Do I speed read everything?  Absolutely not.  Generally I speed read just pieces of what I need to do.  It is hard to really become emotionally invested in characters while speed reading.  I can get the gist, understand the plot and all the twists and turns but I prefer to slow down and enjoy every aspect of the books I read.  I am sure even when I slow down I am still pretty speedy simply out of habit.  Some books I read are previews and not final copies.  Lack of final editing slows me down significantly.  When speedreading you can’t backtrack and grammatical issues or spelling issues instinctively result in backtracking.
In addition to reading, I listen to many books on audible.  All of those I purchase myself and post reviews as is.  But even on audible I listen to the books at 1.5x speed or even 2x speed.  
Next, I try to work on longer novels while also working on children’s book reviews.  They take just as long to write up the review post but obviously the reading is much quicker with children’s books.  
Even so, I do tend to accept more requests than I can handle at any given point in time.  I have not missed deadlines but when that happens it does impact the other aspects of my life and I am not happy with myself when I allow that to happen.  I am working very hard at keeping those incidents to a minimum. 
And lastly, I also get asked why I rate every book with a 4 or 5.  That actually isn’t quite correct but that is what you as a reader of my blog, see.  Authors work very hard on their product and if I am reviewing a book for a tour organization, I have different standards.  The fact is, the author will pay the tour organization to be a part of a book tour.  I will not give anything less than a four publicly to someone who pays for a tour that I participate in.  If I read a book and don’t feel it deserves at least a 4, I contact the tour organization or the author.  I explain why I can’t give it at least a 4 and give them the option – would you still like me to post my review or would you prefer I just run a promotional post instead.  I have never had someone insist that I run my review anyway – they prefer the promotional post.  If I am reviewing a book that I bought on my own and have chosen to read – I will post an accurate review.  
There you have it – now you can read whatever you want and as much as you want too.

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