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  1. Hi there and a very good morning to you and Chewbaca! I do believe that they could be a variet of pustuals…check out these few sites, I think they will help you determine if one of these is what you are dealing with. My Basil actually had one on his nose, we put a hot compress on it and it did pop (it was very small) and then we cleaned it and now it is completely gone. If they get worse, the Vet is always a sure fire bet : ) Hope this helps a little. Sending doxie hugs to you and Chewbaca!




  2. Thanks so much – that sounds very much like what she has. Although she doesn’t itch it but that could be because she is huge with knee and hip problems – she just can’t get at it.

  3. paula says:

    My Indy doesn’t get these, but she has the fatty tumors/growth. A couple of them have opened. We went to the vet for the first one (I have had dogs for all 62 years of my life and had never had that happen)and he gave her an antibiotic shot, then I had to put warm compresses on them twice a day and follow that by some triple antibiotic cream.

    Now, if they open, I trim the hair away from them (she has a thick coat) and do the warm compresses twice a day and the antibiotic cream.

    Oh, the vet said that he wanted them to heal from the inside out . . .thus the warm compresses to open the forming scab and letting the inside heal with the antibiotic cream keeping it clean.

    I know these are different that Chewbaca, but the warm compresses might help and if they open, then the cream . . and, yes, I know they will want to lick it off, so be prepared to re apply, apply, apply, etc, etc, etc 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for the feedback. She actually loves the warm compresses so we will see what the next few days hold.

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