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Sundays With Sephora – Recycled Denim Bag

As part of Sephora’s sewing/designing fun she decided to cut up an old pair of jeans and make a bag/front facing set of pockets that can also be worn on her back.  See the book of scrapbook paper on the floor?  She tired of that really quickly and switched to sewing.  Don’t judge me on my craft/sewing room.  It is an organized mess and the kids are allowed to help themselves to anything except my sewing machine/serger.  They can use those only with my close supervision.  It is kind of like when I used to play the piano – as soon as I tickle those ivories they come running and I never get to actually play anything.  Now whenever I enter my craft room they immediately sniff me out and want a sewing project.


See how proud she is!



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