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Product Review – Hoo-rag


The Hoo-rag is a great bandana that can be worn a multitude of ways.  Above you see a photo with the various ways a person can choose to wear theirs – although these are definitely not the only options.

I have been given the opportunity to try out and review a dog Hoo-rag (two actually).

To call these a bandana of any sort is really an understatement.  They are really like a spandex tube that can be used in a multitude of ways.  Here is a photo from the Hoo-rag site (

They are very elasticized.  Here is one on one of our dogs.
Look at Pepper – so cute and happy!
Although it may look a little snug it really isn’t at all.  Pepper just has a ton of curls.  The fabric is very soft and flexible and should machine wash just fine.  
I love these – and check out their site – for all the options for people and all the designs available.  
AND they have free shipping on all orders! Check ’em out!

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