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Sundays With Sephora – Red Velvet Polka Dot Cake

This project was almost entirely done by Sephora.  Although it isn’t Sunday we just couldn’t hold off on her post.  Every time I went to “step in” she kept insisting “I got this”… I did help her frost the cake though.

So how did she do it?
We saw a version of this on Pinterest here.  We figured we would give it a shot.  My kids love red velvet cake – me, not so much.  To me it has a funny after taste but whatever – I don’t need the cake anyway.  I cared about the project.
We have one of these cake ball pans – I have only used it a couple times but it works great.
In this recipe we did not follow their instructions for cake pops – we just made (actually Sephora made) – regular Funfetti cake mix (it was what I had on hand).  I didn’t purchase anything special for this project.  If you don’t have a cake pop pan – you can use any small shape pan you have.  Any flavor cake mix and if you only have yellow or white – simply add food coloring or flavored pudding to add different flavors or colors.  This is definitely not a project to stress out about – just have fun with it.
Mixing up the Funfetti batter and scooping into the cake ball pan


After the cake balls are done (we put some aside just to plain old grab and eat), place some in the bottom of your greased pan.
Then cover the balls 3/4 of the way with the next cake batter – red velvet in our case – and cook.
Frost, slice, admire, eat
Now I know you all want to go and make one!  It is easy as can be but does take a bit of time – wait for a nice rainy day.
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  • brynn cody

    I’m definitely going to do this for my brother’s graduation cake! His colors are blue and gold (WVU) so I’ll make the cake balls blue and use a yellow cake for the rest. This will be so cute! Thanks for the idea Sephora!

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