Sundays With Sephora

Sundays With Sephora – Quadruple Oreo Peanut Butter Brownie

I printed off a recipe from and it called for regular oreos, peanut butter and brownie mix.  I figured this would be a great project for Sephora.  EXCEPT – I prefer double stuffed oreos so I told her to substitute those instead.

She is too funny – she misunderstood my verbal instructions and I was wondering what was taking her so long to just place an oreo in each of the muffin tin spots.

See all the oreo TOPS – she took the tops off all of them and put two together making quadruple stuffed!  Our recipe ended up being this:

In each muffin spot –
Place a quadruple stuffed oreo
A dollup of peanut butter
Cover with brownie batter

Cook until brownie mix is done.  And eat…

Covering with Peanut butter
Cover with brownie mix
Eat what is left – nice raw brownie mix
They cooked up messy because she didn’t fill them all neat and tidy
And then eat!!!! As many as you can!!!!
And with the help of Instagram…


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