Sundays With Sephora

Sephora’s Candies – More Sundays with Sephora

Superbowl Sunday and Sephora was quite busy.  She did her first book review on her own; put together her World Thinking Day pins for Girl Scouts; and made some candies.  She relied on melted chocolate and decided to dip strawberries – her favorite fruit in the whole wide world.  Then she made some heart shaped chocolates and I have no idea what she put in them.  Minimally there are peanuts in them but I think she even put cereal in it to give it a crispy crunch.  I have been trying to allow her to be creative and she will often say “its a surprise”.

They are definitely loaded with chocolate!
iphone picture – see the heart on the left.  She is very proud of it but I am not sure what is in it.

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