Photo a Day 02/09/13 – Blizzard Nemo 2013

The night before it hits hard
Trying to create an initial path

Spring or Winter?  You get one guess

So we made it to the gate – still can’t get out

Xena (our Newfoundland) is totally in her element

Rough housing in the snow

Race ya

That is the truck and suburband – lower right is a car behind the truck and very bottom is the edge of a jeep

View from the third floor

Do I have to come in?

Aw – I don’t want to come in yet…

She ran outside in her pajamas.  She was so excited she only put on boots and a jacket.  Then she got stuck in the front yard with snow at her waist.

I can climb to the top

Doing my part

The cavalry has arrived

This is what it looked like when I opened the tailgate

There is a car in there somewhere
The snow drifts kept snow from the front door – apparently the birds were seeking refuge there
I was playing so hard – please rub my belly

Oh yeah – that’s the spot!
From sun up to sun down – still working on clearing
The sidewalk – four foot high walls

Three stories of decking to clear off before it rains and causes a collapse


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