Can’t Wait for Camping Season 2013

As we try to recover from Blizzard Nemo I can’t help dream of our camping season.  The season starts in April and even though it is still the height of winter here – April is really just around the corner.  I cannot wait.  It is about this time that even the kids start getting antsy and crazy while anticipating our next season. 

We camp in a fifth wheel so I can’t say at all that we are roughing it.  But at the same time, we often sleep outside in a tent on our site – just because we can.  So we do have all the camping gear necessary for luxury camping as well as roughing it camping.  Depends on the weather; depends on the day; and depends on the mood of the kids.  We are nothing if not flexible…

In order to have a successful camping season we rely on appropriate Kids Camping Gear.  If the kids aren’t comfortable and happy the experience is no longer fun.  And when we aren’t actually at our campsite – we use the gear on top of our trampoline!

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