Photos of the day 02/24/13

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  1. Julie Jones says:

    Awesome! Are you volunteering? I was a troop leader for the daisy scouts last year but it is so much work that I decided to opt out this year. I wish someone would have stepped up and taken my place because the girls had so much fun doing it! I have fond memories of myself being a brownie!

  2. Cutest Girl Scout ever! Can’t wait for munchkin to join

  3. Athena Nagel says:

    Thanks so much Coolmoms and Julie. I am not volunteering (technically). I have to work unpredictably at night. They can’t rely on me for anything – when I show up though I help out. I have been dubbed the troop photographer. There were many other photos from this event but I only posted those of my daughter. I was also a brownie/girl scout/cadet. She is the youngest of 5 kids and the only one who ever had an interest in scouts.

  4. How cute! I was a brownie and it sure was fun!

  5. I was a brownie but never made it past that. I just got my Girl Scout Cookies yesterday and I always enjoy supporting my friends’ daughters that are in Girl Scouts.

  6. Joy says:

    Looks like fun!! I wish I was in girl scouts when I was younger.

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