Photo a Day 04/01

On Saturday we decided to take a trip up to Maine to show Bob around and check on our camper.  As soon as last year’s season concluded there was an earthquake in Southern Maine on 10/16/12 and its rumblings were felt all the way down into Hartford CT.  

All winter long I was stressed out about what we would be walking into when the campground opens.  

We made a full day trip of it.

First stop… BUUUTTTT… On the way up to Scarborough Maine – they suffered another earthquake at 7:28am!!

Second stop – the campground in Scarborough Maine.  This is the camper – still with snow all around.  Everything was fine at the camper regardless of the multiple earthquakes since October 2012.  The snow wasn’t deep there but on the way to the camper we actually got stuck with our 4×4 suburban!  Always something…

Third Stop – Cabelas in Portland Maine!  That is pretty self explanatory.

Fourth stop – Pine Point Beach in Scarborough Maine at high tide.

Fifth stop – Old Orchard Beach at high tide.

Sixth Stop – Mike’s Clam Shack in Well’s Maine for a lunch/supper.

Seventh stop – Well’s Beach in Well’s Maine two hours after high tide.  If it were right at high tide, we would not be able to get onto the beach – the surf goes right up to the retaining wall at high tide. The storms throughout the winter threw all these boulders against the retaining wall.  

Eighth stop – Kittery Trading Post in Kittery Maine

Then, we headed home after a very long, fun day.


  • Athena Nagel

    We had a blast. For years the farthest we ever went was Kittery and that definitely counts as Maine. But if you love beaches there are so many varied terrains throughout Maine’s beaches. There is another one we sometimes go to in Saco but we just didn’t get there this trip. That one is very different and very difficult on my bum legs. We don’t get there too often.

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