Help Needed for Bethany’s Medical Bills – No Cost to You

This is a photo of Eldad Hagar with Bethany – a dog he rescued this week.  This is what he does and it often carries huge medical costs with it.  He works in conjunction with Bill Foundation and Hope For Paws – Animal Rescue to rescue neglected, abused, lost, frightened, injured animals.  

From Eldad – I am on my way to visit Bethany with a delicious lunch. She is still connected to IV fluids, pain meds, and antibiotics. She is also getting anti itching medicine which is also helps healing the scabs all over her body. Over all, she is doing very well, she is sleeping most of the time, and I just can’t wait to see her coming out of her shell.

Annie Hart from Bill Foundation (who took this shot of Bethany & I – without telling us that she was taking pictures) is now running a photo caption competition on their page, and I hope you will all participate. It’s time to get your writing skills to work, and maybe win a cool prize 🙂

Bethany is doing really at the hospital. The treatment is working, slowly but surely and she is being the absolute best patient. She’s sleeping most of time, probably to let her body fight the infection and heal. I’m hoping to go visit her later this evening and will try and get some new photos for everyone.

For now, I have a request of everyone. Many of you have commented on this photo and just how powerful it is. I couldn’t agree more and it makes me so proud to be a rescuer. I think we need to create a very special caption for it and could use your help. The winning caption will receive a lucky leash from Eldad Hagar – Extended Profile. and a signed print of this photo by me. Attached is the layout and you’ll recognize the look from the many inspirational posters out there. We need something short and powerful.

Hello everybody. I would like you all to meet Bethany.  Instead of writing the whole story here, I will just ask that you’ll visit my Flickr album where you can read her rescue story, and see the series of photos I took yesterday:

This is another successful combined effort of two rescues: Bill Foundation and Hope For Paws – Animal Rescue. I am really hoping that many other rescues around the world are paying attention to this because we’re really trying to show how working together can help yield much better results than working alone.

Hope For Paws will take care of the medical aspect of her recovery, and instead of asking everybody to make a small donation towards her care, I just want to ask everybody to please visit our website and download a copy of our book. We are getting 10 cents donated for every unique download, and if every person will grab a free copy, it can help us cover this bill: – Thank you so much 🙂


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