Make Your Own Hula Hoops

Have you ever purchased hula hoops from a store like Walmart or Target?  They are cheaply made, inexpensive and break within a day of use.  They are not designed to actually be used for any length of time.  So you can buy one of those for $5 or you can make alot of them for a whole lot less.  

Purchase some rolls of 3/4″ or 1″ PVC irrigation pipe (I purchased 3/4″ but prefer 1″).  They come in rolls of  100 feet or 300 feet.  I could have gotten 1″ in a roll of 300 feet but definitely didn’t need that much.  This time we went with 3/4″ 100 foot roll.  Rolls also come in colors and different PSI ratings.  I purchased blue because it was the only one available in 100 foot lengths.

You will also need the appropriate connector – 3/4″ or 1″.  

If you have a PVC pipe cutter that is perfect but you don’t need to buy one.  I cut PVC pipe all the time and just use a hacksaw.  It cuts through the pipe very quickly and is certainly easy enough especially if you have access to a clamp.  The rolls can get a little tricky to cut without a clamp because the roll keeps coiling up.  

Tape to decorate.  You can now get electrical tape in quite a few colors.  Sephora wanted hers to be orange; Anthony wanted red and I wasn’t sure what I wanted so I also purchased black and white.  In the end I went with black and orange.  

Measure each person’s hula hoop to be anywhere from the belly button to the chest for a beginner.  

Insert the connector into each and connect ends to make a circle.

Decorate with tape.


Stopping back in…  I have never hula hooped before and could not for the life of me get one of those hoops around more than 4 or 5 rotations.  The biggest exercise I was getting was the constant bending over to pick up the hoop…  After researching online everyone states the larger and heavier, the easier it is.  Some even recommend using a hoop that is even taller than you are.  I then went and picked up a roll of 1″ (don’t go larger than 100PSI) and made one that had a diameter of 5 feet (she is pulling down on it in the photo below so it looks oval – but I assure you it is much taller and circle).  Yup – you read that right.  And do you know it stayed right up and I just kept on doing it for really long periods of time.  I cannot tell you how excited I was.  Of course my husband wants to know how in the world I can get that hoop around but it really is so much easier.  

This is Sephora holding the hoop before I decorated it.

And I am back... I have been sitting on posting this post because I really wanted to get the hang of hula hooping – because if I can do it – so can you!  That hoop that Seph is holding was my starting point.  I still use it on and off if I really want to hoop for long periods of time.  But I am now working with a hoop that is a little shorter than Sephora.  I have graduated from a 5 ft hoop to a 4 ft hoop.  However, I can’t keep that 4 ft hoop up for long periods of time.  Still working on it though.  We currently have about 10 different sized hoops and I will be making more – still plenty of piping left in 3/4 and 1 inch.

HOW TO HULA HOOP – the larger and heavier the hoop the easier it easy.  I know it seems contradictory but I tell you – it is true.  Start by simply rocking the hoop back and forth above your hips.  Get to know the feel of it.  Then whip it around your body with your feet at least shoulder width apart.  Move your hips from left to right to keep it up.  You do not need to rotate your hips/waist.  The simple side to side movement will keep it going.  If it starts to slide down, give your butt a lift up and the hoop will go right back up.  Lifting your belly is not the trick – in my experience it is all in the toukas…  Don’t ask me how to do tricks yet – will work on more soon. .


  • Athena Nagel

    Hula hooping is huge where I live. It is not unusual for a kids birthday party at their home to include homemade hula hoops, a trainer and some parent involvement in the fun. Every single town wide event includes hula hooping. We even have night time events with the LED hoops. It was critical for me to learn how to make a huge variety of them for my kids and all their friends. Great exercise and so much fun.

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