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Finishing the End Table #Project

Well, I refinished this end table but I had more trouble with it than I anticipated I would.

This is the beginning project – an end table purchased from Goodwill for $7.

Looks innocent enough right?  So I thought too…

I dove in and sanded the piece…

Still looking innocent?  Not so much.  Once I sanded I found that at some point in its life the top must have broken and someone replaced half of it.  The mold was the same but the wood is not the same and the grain is entirely different.  Sanding it made the differences jump right out. And that bottom right leg – apparently that broke at some point also but for the most part it was decently repaired.  But – I decided to move forward.

I felt a little better after priming – looks like it might actually get to a decent place after all.  Maybe…

We are going to use this piece in our house but it is definitely not something marketable.  Once I started painting (spray painting with Rustoleum Black Laquer finish) – it was evident that this piece was cursed with fisheyes – primarily on the drawer fronts and a little bit on the top.  I also hate the hardware but the hole spacing was 2 1/2 inches and the newer drawer pulls have a standard 3 inch spacing. I could have drilled new holes but chose not to.  So since I was using the same drawer pulls I soaked them in Coca Cola for a couple hours – and voila – new pulls.

UPDATE – as of 04/03/11 – Two weeks makes all the difference in the world.  I re-did the drawers by decoupaging wrapping paper on to their faces.  I used Mod Podge and I finally love the end result.  Since this end table I have made two matching end tables, matching coasters, and a faux IPod charging station (where my kids IPods end up at the end of every day).  

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