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The Easiest Key Fob Craft

I love key fobs and they are soooo easy to make with many different variations.   I will walk you through the easiest.  You need a strip of cotton webbing.  You can find them in varying widths.  It is important to remember that you must use the same size key fob hardware as the cotton webbing.  In this scenario I am using 1.25 inch width webbing as well as 1.25 inch hardware.  I have also chosen to make mini key fobs.  To do this I need cotton webbing approximately 6 inches long; if I wanted to make a full key fob I would use approximately 10 inches long.

I am illustrating with cotton webbing that is predesigned.  However, you can also use a solid color cotton webbing and sew a decorative strip of ribbon evenly along its outer edge or you can use fabric folded and ironed to  sew along the outer edge.  I will do a tutorial on that method a little later. 

Then all you do is fold the webbing in half, place the crimping hardware where the two raw edges of the webbing meet, and use a pair of pliers to crimp the hardware together to hold the webbing tightly.  If you are using a standard pair of pliers you will need to have some sort of buffer between the crimping hardware and the pliers so the hardware doesn’t get scuffed up from the pliers.  If you have special rubber coated pliers that is the best solution.

The result is this handy dandy key fob (in this case – mini key fob) that you can use yourself or give as gifts.

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