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Die, Diet, Diet Coke, and Hope

Diet Diet Diet
Doesn’t that seem like I am cursing…

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Please read this one!

You would think the English language would come up with a better word for “watching what you eat” than throwing a “T” on the end of DIE.  No wonder people hate it…

I am “watching what I eat” at the moment and that includes removing soda – particularly Diet Coke and Starbuck’s Frappuccinos from my diet.  But I am on day 3 (really longer than that but less committed before that) and I have those crazy diet coke withdrawal headaches right now.  We all know that soda, particularly diet soda is hazardous to our health.  That wasn’t quite enough to stop me.  I had stopped for 5 years but then in my infinite wisdom I started having one here or there then there you go – right down that slippery slope and drinking it more than any other beverage – especially water.  These headaches are almost debilitating at moments.  I can’t imagine how someone who is addicted to drugs manages withdrawals…

In case you need reminding:
1.  Diet Coke actually causes weight gain.  Regardless of its enticing zero calorie platform.  
2.  Diet Coke leads to osteoporosis
3.  People who drink artificially sweetened beverages have a 61% higher risk of heart attack.
4.  Diet Coke puts you at risk for metabolic syndrome
5.  Diet Coke doubles your risk of decreased kidney function

Now let’s just say – if you were skeptical about this common information all over the internet – let me tell you my personal opinion.
1.  Since resuming Diet Coke I have nothing but kidney problems – nonstop!
2.  Since resuming Diet Coke my calcium and vitamin D levels continue to drop to dangerous lows even with supplementation.
3.  Since resuming Diet Coke I have regained 2/3rds of the weight I lost in the 5 years I was’t drinking.  In case you are a literal thinking person – that is exactly 36 pounds!  Even though I work HARD everyday.  For fun I walk, bike, swim, hike, hula hoop, jump-rope and more.  I never sit down except at work and to write for The Stuff of Success.  
4.  Since resuming Diet Coke I have had to have one eye operated on for vision issues, the other will be operated on later this year and have muscle cramping many times a day – metabolic syndrome related?  Good question…
5.  All medical issues that I had for years prior to eliminating Diet Coke from my diet came right back in full force – stomach issues, heartburn, sleep disturbances and more.

So why do we drink it?  
I am 100% sure something in their “proprietary” formula is getting the world addicted to it.  Although I am picking on Diet Coke the same holds true for Diet Pepsi.  The world seems to be made up with diet cola drinkers and in my experience – they are loyal to one or the other.  I would sooner dehydrate to the point of being hospitalized before I drink Diet Pepsi.  

And why am I stopping?  
You would think it would be the medical reasons and it certainly should be.  But it isn’t.  I am participating at in a game with Hanna and Olivia from The Biggest Loser.  But is it the diet that is making me stop – NOPE!  

It is Chica…  Chica is a dog that was found on the streets of California last week after suffering the most horrendous abuse I have ever seen to an animal.  She has lacerations over her entire body – including her face and in between all her toes, burns, and a serious tumor hanging from her belly.  She is being held at i.c.a.r.e. Dog Rescue and they are getting her all the medical treatment she needs and will place her in a foster home.  I am playing DietBet for charity – for i.c.a.r.e to help pay Chica’s medical expenses. So is that DietCoke as important as winning (losing weight) and helping Chica have somewhat of a normal life after she is properly vetted?  Definitely NOT.   

Click Here for photos of Chica – I did not put them directly into this post because I do not want young children to see them – they are graphic.  She was rescued by Eldad Hagar (who is quite the animal rescuer).  To make donations to help Chica get appropriate medical care you can make a paypal donation to (note it as a gift)


  • Alicia Figueroa

    That is just horrible about the poor dog! I can’t understand how anyone could abuse an animal that way. I’ve heard of something similar to DietBet, but I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. I think I’m still in that denial phase where I think I can exercise my way out of my leftover baby fat… only problem is I haven’t been exercising! I’ve never been a drinker of diet soda. I have my mother to thank for that. She suspected that aspartame and all that other saccharin-like sweetener was no good from the start, and she forbade anything “sugar-free” coming into our house. Thank God for mommies!

  • Athena Nagel

    We didn’t grow up with soda either. I really didn’t start drinking it too much until I had a career – then my choices deteriorated. Chica was supposed to have surgery yesterday so I can’t wait to hear how she is doing…

  • Momma Lew

    We WERE big soda drinkers. I just started a paleo lifestyle about 2 months ago, so I no longer drink it and now my husband has switched to sparkling water, which is a big relief.

    When we go to my parent’s house it is such a pain to constantly turn down their offers for diet soda…”oh but it’s diet”…NO it just says it is diet.

  • Sharon Fitzgerald

    Wow! My husband for a long time had End Stage Kidney Disease due to type 1 diabetes which is hereditary, on both sides of his family! He recently had a life saving transplant surgery and received a brand new kidney. They gave him a pancreas too, but the pancreas didn’t like him. The kidney is working great though and he will try at the end of the year or the beginning of the next to see if he can get a pancreas that will agree with him. He can drink all the Coke or Pepsi he wants now, or the Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi, rather. And he does drink what he wants, while being careful, but I don’t think I knew about those health risks. It may not be an issue for him though, because he does not drink THAT much of either one. He does take great care of himself. I will talk to him about this and see if he knew or even what he says about it. More than likely, he’ll tell me there’s nothing to worry about with him on it, because he doesn’t drink it like crazy, or enough to give him health problems. And he doesn’t. I for one, haven’t drank soda in a long time. I used to be into Sunkist or some orange soda either way, but Sunkist was always my favorite choice. Since there are other healthier drinks like Vitamin Water now or just plain regular water from our Brita filter in our fridge, I drink both now and every now and then, I have a cherry Koolaid(which is my favorite Koolaid flavor),or lemonade(Simply Lemonade) or a home made strawberry banana smoothy! Thanks for writing this post! Very informative! 🙂

  • Athena Nagel

    I can tell you I don’t drink TONS of diet coke. I try not to drink it at home at all – my kids don’t need that bad habit. But I do drink it at work which mostly is one large McDonalds Diet Coke everyday. So don’t think you need to drink a gallon of diet coke a day. I hope your husband’s health improves.

  • Jessica Harlow

    We are not soda drinkers (diet or otherwise)…believe me, we have other dietary habits we need to break though…I comend you for your efforts (especially in honor of Chica. <3

  • Lalia Frolick

    I have friends who drink diet coke :(. Before 2009, I hadn’t had a single soda in about 4 years. But when I met my husband and moved in with him, he always had soda in the house. So I went through a period for a few months where I had a LOT of soda. Then I got sick of it again. I would take soda when I got stuck purchasing one while getting take out (like the Build Your Own Box deal at Taco Bell), but now I just opt for water instead. Thanks for sharing all the info! I hope it helps some people out there who are currently drinking diet coke!

  • Woman Tribune

    I, for one, would really like to thank you for not including the images of Chica’s abuse directly in your post. I can’t handle abuse to animals–especially seeing pictures of it. As it is, I cry during the ASPCA commercials on television–every single time. If it plays three times in an hour, I’ve cried three times that hour, without fail. So thank you for that, and you are doing something so amazing by “watching what you eat” (and drink) to benefit charity and to help get Chica’s medical expenses taken care of.

    As for the Diet Coke, I really had no idea that diet soda had so many negative effects on our bodies! Of course I knew it was bad and that we should very much limit how much we drink, but my goodness… We aren’t big soda drinkers here–we get a 2 liter bottle of soda every few months or so and that’s it, and after reading about what diet soda does to the body, I have all the more reason to stay away from it.

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