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#Yonanas – Wonderful Soft Serve Healthy Ice Creams

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Have you ever heard of Yonanas?  This is Yonanas?  It is a machine that basically whips frozen fruit into a healthy ice cream.  I have been wanting one of these for some time but kept hemming and hawing trying to figure out if I really “needed” it.  You know – I have so many kitchen items that I just gotta have and don’t ever use.  Now I will tell you the biggest reason most of them don’t get used is because of the cleanup involved.  I do use my Vitamix quite frequently – and yes I can use that to make this ice cream but the consistency is not quite the same (as I have now discovered).  Then, I won an Amazon gift card and let it sit on my account for a while waiting to see if there was something more important that I needed.  I finally caved and bought this machine.  

My daughter LOVES ice cream.  She would eat it breakfast, lunch and supper if she had her way.  So occasionally I will make her banana ice cream – which she loves just as much.  And how do you do that?  Simply blend up frozen bananas in a food processor.  The bananas should be frozen when they are very ripe – banana bread type of ripe.  Peel them, cut into 1/2 or 1/3rds and freeze.  You need nothing else to make the basic ice cream.  

Yonanas makes so much more possible!  First I will tell you that it doesn’t compare to the food processor ice cream.  Yonanas whips up the frozen fruit into ice cream that is the smoothest soft serve style ice cream you will ever have the pleasure of tasting.   

The unit is all encased so even my eight year old daughter can make her own ice cream.  

Then Sephora adds toppings 

But that is not all – this was just plain old bananas.  But you can make so many different ice cream recipes that are healthy with no guilt whatsoever.  Frozen bananas act as the base, then you add whatever other frozen fruit you want.  You can even add peanut butter, jelly or whatever.  And although I can make this ice cream (although a lot less creamy) with a food processor – my eight year old daughter cannot!  

You can find tons of recipes on Yonana’s Pinterest board HERE.  But you can get many many more by simply searching for Yonanas Recipe pins.  

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