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Any Old Picture Frame to Chalk Board

This project has been sitting on a back burner for a while.  That chalkboard paint stares me in the face every time I choose a different can of paint.  I finally got to it…

First I had to find just the right frame – I wanted a wide rectangular frame and of course I wanted to pay next to nothing for it – so I searched and searched until I found this.

I have no interest in this photo.  I took the paper off the back, removed the little nails and removed the cardboard, foam board mat, picture and glass – all of it went right into the dumpster.  I was only interested in the frame. 

At this point I have pretty much taken over the work benches in the basement, the driveway, the garage, a room for my supplies upstairs and the dining room.  Too funny.  I can condense when I need to but why when I don’t have to? 

Prime the frame with Kilz…

While the primer is drying I cut out the back that I will glue to the frame.  That is cut from a desk I took out of my teenage daughter’s room that was literally falling to pieces.  As a desk it is useless, as parts – it is very useful.  The piece I cut out took forever because in the middle of using my circular saw it started freaking out on me.  Fearful for my life – or at least my legs – I resorted to a good old manual handsaw.  Same results but it took alot longer to get there.  I assume my circular saw needs a new blade – got at least ten years out of that one so I guess I can’t complain.  Once I cut the board I sanded it and sprayed three coats of blackboard Rustoleum spray paint onto it. 

While the chalkboard paint was drying I returned to the frame and started spraying that with color – my daughter chose the color and based on her selection I assume that means she wishes to have this for her room… Not too sure – We’ll see.  She chose Valspar Mediteranean Blue.

Next, I glue the frame on top of the chalkboard.  While that was drying I filled the chalkboard space with a tshirt (rag) to protect the chalkboard and sprayed the outside of the chalkboard – see photo for details.  This photo was after one coat but I put three coats on.

Once it was all dry – it was ready to use.

For the moment – it is hung in my office at work.


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