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Games for the Road

We spend a great deal of time on the road and my kids love tic tac toe and hangman.  I found this item at the thrift store.  It looks like a house door and when you open it it is a little box.  The box was filled with photo pages (the fillable sort) but I ripped them out. I just love ripping things apart to make them into something I want!

I then Mod Podged and glazed the left hand side of the inner box.  The right hand side I laid down a sheet of thick blue metallic cardstock and Mod Podged it.  Then I laid strips of golden cardstock and Mod Podged those down – then glazed.  But it will be fine once it dries.  The pieces are from some glitter ornaments that I purchased for $.10 after Christmas.  They can just close it up and everything stays right where it is until the next time they wish to play. 

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