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Old World Gourmet – Cream Cheese Bars Review and Giveaway

Old World Gourmet is an upscale food and beverage company with unique, innovative products.  Founded in September 2001 by DeAnna Sullivan, the Georgia-based company continuously invents new recipes that take ordinary flavors to extraordinary sensations.  One of its most popular products, the Vino-Licious line of frozen wine mixers, is the first of its kind and makes any bottle of wine a delicious adult slushie.  

OWG also offers gourmet snacks, like the Original Cracker Smack that adds flavor to any sleeve of crackers, and unique mixes that turn a bottle of beer or wine into a hearty loaf of bread.  OWG products are sold online and in fine gift retailers across the country.  To learn more about OWG and see its full line of more than 100 products, visit  Whatever the occasion, OWG serves up the fun!

Once Upon a Time…on a Sunday afternoon more than 10 years ago, a husband and wife sat talking about what they wanted in life. The long talk led DeAnna Sullivan and her husband Dan to realize how little time they spent together due to their jobs. The nextday, they both submitted lettersof resignation.

Shortly after, knowingshe wanted to run her own business, DeAnna began a venture with a food company to prepare a glazed nut product. One(successful) year later, the venture led to joining forces with the Six Flags company in the Atlanta area, and a move forthe Sullivans from Florida to their currentresidence in Georgia.

The glazed nut product continued to succeed and DeAnna was tasked with bringing a hot beverage alternative to the theme park her first chance to produce her own recipe. As luck would have it, DeAnna had already developed such a drink at home and had a personal fan club for her “granny’s church punch. The Six Flags food and beverage managers quicklyreviewed and approved what became known as OldWorld Cider. It was a hit and park guests were soon asking to purchase the cider by the gallon to take home.

Repeatedlysaying “it’s not for sale to take home, proved DeAnna had something remarkable…and that she didnt know anything about how to get it to market outside of the park. She decided to go out on her own and took the idea to hebank. “Its a pipe dream, a want to be business.Application foar a business loan denied.”

Still, DeAnna was motivated and luck was by her side again,this time through a friend who was promotinghis own products through the gift market trade show circuits. He offered to share his booth and Old World Gourmet, LLC officially began with Old World Cider and a candy-coated cinnamon glazed nut on display at the Philadelphia Candy and Confection Show on Sept. 11, 2001. DeAnna, at the age of 44, sold her first order of threecases and the wheelsstarted turning for more to come…

DeAnna continued tocreate new products, earningseveral Best Snack awards. With that, she was even determined to set Old World Gourmet apart from other food companies. She started experimenting with out-of-thebox ways to enjoy wine. As she thought about temperatures you typicallyserve red and white wines, she found herself pushing the limits to move wine into the freezer. DeAnna personally developed the flavor profiles and created a series of, now named Vino-Licious, adult wine slushies.

This innovative beverage was nothing anyone in the food and beverage industry had heard of or even attempted to create before. Now, at age 55, DeAnna attributes the Vino-Licious line and Old World Gourmets success to her unwavering determination and dedication. Over the past 11 years, the Sullivan’s small business has grown exponentially, currently selling more than 100 products online and in fine gift retailers in all 50 states.

But the story doesnt end there. DeAnna will tell you, “these are the best pages of my life. Old World Gourmetis in it for the long haul and DeAnna plans to bring newand exciting products to market for years to come.

I tried the Butter Me Up Cream Cheese Chewies and the Strawberry Cream Cheese Chewies.

Butter Me Up Cream Cheese Chewies
This buttery dessert bar will be the envy of every guest they’re served to. Made with lots of “old fashioned” goodness with sweet modern technology!! Easy to make, freezes well, sinfully rich with only minimal effort!! Makes a great after school snack or coffee and dessert treat!! 

Strawberry Cream Cheese Chewies
What a heavenly dessert bar! It’s like a piece of velvet strawberry cheesecake. It is such an easy recipe to make with your kids or grand kids! Beautiful presentation, freezes absolutely wonderfully ( if there is any left to freeze). It is gift ready. Perfect for that ” covered dish ” outing, picnics, BBQ’s, school bake sells or just for yourself. Perfect afternoon compliment to a fresh cup of coffee.
I loved both of them and everyone who I shared them with also loved them.  Now think about it – Butter, Cream Cheese, (powdered sugar) – seriously what is not to like!  And the Strawberry is just as delicious.  

They are delivered in these really cute bags:


In addition to the mix in the bag you need:  Eggs, Cream Cheese, Powdered Sugar and Margarine (although I used butter).  

A special deal for you – use coupon code SHIP50 – it’s good for free shipping for all orders that are $50 or more!

Other products include:  Wine Mixers, Cocktail Mixers, Gourmet Snacks, Bitch Bags (you really gotta check these out!, and Party In A Pitcher.  

PLUS – OWG is giving away one package of Strawberry Cream Cheese bars to a lucky reader – enter the Giveaway Tool.

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