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A Quick Halter Top for the Heat Wave

We are at the beginning of a heat wave at the moment and my kids are desperate for any relief they can get.  

This was an interesting project – I did this last summer also.  Simply turn a tshirt into a halter top.  

You need a tshirt and scissors – no sewing involved.  It takes five minutes (if that – she was being quite dramatic at the time so that added to the time).

First you cut the sleeves off at an angle.  Start at the bottom of the sleeves (cutting off the seam) and angle up towards the neckline ending within approximately 1/2 inch of the neck binding.

Turn the garment over and cut out the upper portion of the back.  Begin at the bottom of the cut out from the arm holes and cut the entire portion above it off up to within 1/2 inch of the neck binding.

At this point when your child walks in and sees her mutilated shirt – you must ignore and move on.  What good would it do to stop now?  Insist every now and then that you know what you are doing and keep going.

You should have the lower portion of the back left – cut a vertical slit approximately one inch long in the center of the middle upper of what is left on the back.  Cutting horizontally from that center cut, in each direction, approximately 2 1/2 inches – this will be used to tie the back.

That is all there is to it.  Now when you can get your child to calm down – have her try it on.  In my case as soon as she tried it on she started crying even more hysterically.  When I asked if she hated it she wailed “no I love it but you always seem to surprise me….”  So now we are good again…

If you would like you could cut some off the bottom and shorten it – but we like the belly totally covered so I am leaving it like this. 

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