Glamorized Boots Revisited

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17 Responses

  1. Jin Dui says:

    Oh wow! that’s a crafty way of reclaiming them boots!

  2. These are amazing! My girls would love this…and I would love being able to breathe some more life into their boots! I just love how custom they are! 🙂

  3. they are so cute! are they waterproof too?

    • Athena Nagel says:

      I cannot say for sure that they are waterproof. However, we have never refrained from wearing them in any type of weather with no ill effects. And before they were upcycled the vinyl was ripped right off down to the fabric underside. No water has even seeped through there. But there are many layers of sealer on them. Over time, we just add another layer whenever they start to show the slightest hint of wear.

  4. What a CUTE idea!! Thanks for sharing… I’ll have to keep it in mind for the next pair of favorite shoes my daughter destroys in one day LOL

  5. OMG!! Brillant! I love that idea!!

  6. Dinah says:

    great idea! She is rocking those cute little boots too!

  7. Adorable, and the boots look like they totally fit your daughter’s personality!

    • Athena Nagel says:

      They do – she likes anything that is different. We also spray paint old shoes and canvas sneakers. Yup – plain old spray paint. But one shoe is green and one is orange. She can’t possibly have a pair the same color.

  8. That is such a cool idea! I’ll have to remember this for when my daughter starts to wear out her shoes and boots! Isn’t it funny how we girls get so attached to something we put on our feet?

  9. Momma Lew says:

    Well how nifty is that!!!

  10. Wow! what a transformation 🙂 i love that idea. Looks new again.


  11. couponwahm says:

    Awww…these are such cute boots!

  12. mail4rosey says:

    My daughter said she’d love these!

  13. I love them! so Cute!!

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