Photo a Day 06/21

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5 Responses

  1. Maria Iemma says:

    What a beautiful name, I do not think I’ve known anyone by that name. Brave girl, even now I would not touch a gator for any prize!!

    • Athena Nagel says:

      Thank you – Sephora is from the bible – Moses’ wife. However the proper hebrew spelling is Tzipporah. We gave her the french spelling… As far as the gator. Seph loves animals – all animals which includes even bugs. She is constantly trying to smuggle something into the house. Anything from a large animal down to moths, crickets, worms, frogs etc… We have to keep a watchful eye on her…

  2. You r so awsome!!!I would be scaredBut you rock!!!!

  3. ArleneWhit says:

    What a beautiful girl with a beautiful name! Cool gator too!

  4. She looks so eager to learn about that baby gator. Love this picture!

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