I Can Never Throw Things Out

At the campground we had a set of outdoor metal furniture – a large table, small table and several chairs.  The weld on the larger table (legs) broke over the winter and my husband was throwing the large circle table out.  I knew I had to do something with it.  It isn’t too original but the kids love the height of the small table and we still really need the larger table top.  Here is my solution – break the legs off, keep just the circle table top and for now – bolt it to the smaller table, make that into a larger table.  No I am not going to paint it or anything – it is what it is.  I didn’t need washers that big but the kids participated in the decision making process and that is the size they wanted.  Far be it from me to insist on the size I thought was “best”.   As you can see, I didn’t even make an attempt to “center” the oversized top.  The kids, and some neighbor kids, determined the placement and we went with it.  It’s all good.

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