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See Stuff for Their Potential – Tables to Shelving

When I go to thrift stores I look for items not just as they are but what their potential is.  I saw this cute set of three tables and I just had to have them.

I don’t have any need whatsoever for these small tables – but I do need more shelving in my craft room.  As you can see I am working on them well into the evening!  I wanted to see if I was okay with them the way they are or if I needed (or wanted) to put a bottom shelf.  I will be putting a bottom shelf – so I will need to cut out a “floor”.  That driveway has so much paint on it… It does eventually wash away for me to lay a whole new foundation of more. 

So the next morning I traced out a bottom and actually cut a little larger than the size I needed just to give some additional stability.  I primed that new bottom piece then glued it on.  I painted the entire unit Krylon Raspberry (I bought tons of it on clearance – glad to finally use some). 

It looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa here – the shelf isn’t leaning – it is most definitely the picnic table (which I built about twenty years ago and it has seen so many better days). 

Now this is so much more versatile and has so much greater utility.  I now store all my sewing and craft books on it.

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