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My family and I recently spent the day shopping for a car.  After finding a car and actually buying it (2 hours later) we stopped at a Best Buy Mobile location in Braintree Massachusetts.  I wanted to trade in my current phone (Verizon) and upgrade to a new Samsung phone.  Part of my motivation was that I have been considering an upgrade for some time.  Then I received notification that Samsung/Best Buy was offering a deal with an upgrade – $50 Best Buy card.  I didn’t really need much more motivation than that.

To tell you the truth I never considered upgrading at any location other than Verizon.  I just have always done all my business there and my account has four lines on it.  Best Buy Mobile works with all the major carriers – their motto is Any Carrier, Any Phone and Any Plan.  They state that they are conveniently located in malls and shopping centers.  

I live in CT – so there actually is a Best Buy Mobile relatively close to where I work.  But I wasn’t working on this particular day.  We were in Maine – and Maine doesn’t have any Best Buy Mobile locations even though there are more than 400 stores nationwide.  However, the car we wanted was in Boston Massachusetts and Braintree does have a Best Buy Mobile so it all worked out. 

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I did not end up trading in my current phone.  We have several on our account but the one I upgraded ended up being an old Samsung phone that didn’t have a data plan (not a smartphone) so the value of a trade in was zero.  I had considered trading in our iPhone 4S and could have gotten $150 for it but decided that wouldn’t work best for our family – although that was the original plan.  

I had no idea they did this EVERYDAY –  Check Phone Eligibility for Trade-In 

That didn’t deter me though as I wasn’t expecting more than “peanuts” anyway for that phone.  I thought I would upgrade to the Samsung Note but changed my mind at the last moment to the Samsung S4 – my decision was 100% entirely based on the camera which is state of the art for smartphones on the S4.  

The associate who assisted me was excellent.  His customer service skills were all that I could ask for and he definitely did succeed in selling me more than I intended on purchasing when I walked in the door.  But that is okay – he did his job well and pleasantly.  Where this particular store lacked was in adequate associates.  There were three with computer access and a couple others that were answering questions and “running”.  My station was closest to the phone so my associate had to stop assisting me frequently to answer the phone.  I don’t mind that interruption except that it was always him and every time I asked a question the phone would ring.  They should alternate who is answering so it isn’t always the same customer being put on hold.  

From the moment I walked in the door to the moment I walked out it was more than an hour – 1/2 hour was spent just waiting for my turn.  That may not seem like a lot but it took only two full hours to buy a car and almost that much for a phone.  We have two special needs children so we were truly trying them throughout this day.  Yes, we all survived but it was tough.  My associate did try to entertain them a little and they enjoyed his attempts but I really was struggling.  Now all of this I understand because even at a Verizon store – there are always many more customers than ability to assist and this was 7/5 so it was a crazy busy day.

What I did struggle with is that the associates are trying to get to each and every customer but the cabinets with the phones in them are locked and only a supervisor or manager can open them – each and every single time.  I assume this has something to do with phones disappearing but it really slows down the ability for an associate to assist.  Install some cameras and keep an eye on your cabinets but it is not worth slowing down the associates with this volume of business.  There has got to be a better way to get your customers in and out.  

Because my current phone was all messed up, I did not choose to have my contacts converted over to the new phone.  You should see my current contact database!  I definitely need to rebuild it from scratch.  Years of conversions have wreaked havoc on my contacts.  Time to walk away from them and start over.  

What I didn’t like had nothing to do with Best Buy but alot to do with the timing of my upgrade.  Verizon is instituting some major plan changes and my upgrade triggered some changes which I was not at all happy with.  So whether I upgraded at Best Buy or directly at Verizon the impact would have been the same.  But it caught me by surprise and was very frustrating. 

Overall, I was completely satisfied with my experience at Best Buy Mobile; the $50 Gift Card for the Samsung; the customer service; information about trade in value; and the upgrade to my phone.  The only thing I would seriously recommend Best Buy change is those locked cabinets.  Find another way to monitor the inventory while still allowing the customers to flow through.  NOW- I just need to figure out how to use the Samsung S4!  It is entirely different from the Blackberry Curve I used to have and the iPhone I also have now.  

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