Vacationland Bowling Alley

This week we were able to check out this bowling center in Saco Maine.  I will start by saying the only reason we checked it out was because it was a rainy day and there wasn’t much else to do.  The building does not look like much at all from the outside.  We have passed it a million times and never paid it any notice.

The outside does not do this facility justice.  It is one of the best bowling alleys I have ever been to!  The staff was very patient and helpful.  The center also qualifies for the AMF Free Summer Bowling for kids.  I signed up and we can now go quite often – the kids can each bowl two games for free EVERY single day the facility allows it.  As an additional offer my husband and I signed up for the summer program for two games each time the kids play theirs.   They do indicate that you can’t use this program on cloudy or rainy days but that is exactly what it was and we were allowed to use our discounts.  All we had to do was pay $2 each per pair of rental shoes.

Now for that price I would be happy with just about any bowling experience.  This place though has a full set of lanes that are regular then on the other side of the alley a whole different set of glow in the dark neon lit lanes.  Of course we went there. 

The facility is clean and they have the latest technology – we didn’t even have to keep score.  Their technology tallies everything – strikes, spares, who’s turn it is, celebration displays when you do well and motivational displays when you don’t do so well.  Me?  I was thrilled I was not tasked with keeping score.  There were automatically bumpers in the lanes – not sure if you can play without them – I didn’t ask, we were fine with the bumpers.  As a result of those bumpers Anthony won the first game and Sephora won the second.

They are apparently an incredibly popular alley with successful leagues and training programs.  There is also a small arcade to entertain everyone afterwards (at an additional cost of course).

If you ever get a chance – check it out.

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