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Making Quick (Sort of) Dill Pickles

This is my first attempt at canning pickles so I just used the pre-packaged dill mix.  But it appears as though they came out quite tasty.  The package was sold at Walmart in the canning aisle – Mrs. Wages Kosher Dill Pickle Mix.

I added 3 1/3 cups of white vinegar to the mix and 7 1/3 cups of water.  Bring the mix to a boil until the mix dissolves and turn off heat – then fill the jars with the liquid mixture over the cucumbers.  But of course I didn’t plan appropriately and needed to whip up another batch of the mix.  I actually could have used a third package but didn’t have one. 

Select your cucumbers.  I used pickling cucumbers for the sliced pickles and regular cucumbers for the pickle spears.
Cut off the ends and wash the cucumbers
Either leave whole, cut into spears or slice
Sterilize your jars and lids and keep in hot water until you are ready to fill with cucumbers.  Start your water boiling in your boiling water canner.  While you are waiting for that, start filling your jar with cucumbers, add your liquid mix to within a quarter inch of the top, place a lid and cover on.  Start placing in the boiling water canner.  The water once boiling should be right up to the top of the jars.  Wait for it to boil and keep in boiling water for ten minutes.  Remove from boiling water with your jar lifter and place in a safe room temperature spot where the jars cannot accidentally bump into one another – which could cause the jars to break. 

Wait 24 hours before opening to eat.  But, being as impatient as I am – I waited exactly 17 hours and they were definitely palatable and tasty…  Your choice.

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