Photo a Day 07/24 – Bushnell Park – Hartford CT

Bushnell Park is in downtown Hartford and offers a nice escape from the busy city.  Everywhere you look people seem to be relaxed and comfortable.  If you visit during lunch break, many city employees visit to take a break from their day.  Mobile food vendors border the upper street of the park and offer plenty of options for lunch and picnics.  

The Park’s 37 green acres with its artwork, sculpture, and play areas are important to thousands of people and used each year by about half a million adults and children.   The Park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is recognized for its historic artwork as well as its arboretum of over 700 quality trees.

There is beautiful carousel from 1914 open from May through October with 48 hand carved wooden horses and two lovers chariots within a 24 sided pavilion.  

Attractions include:  Arch Tours, Carousel Rides, Champion Trees, Corning Fountain, Horace Wells,  Israel Putnam, Performance Pavilion, Playground With Water Activities, Pumphouse Gallery, Soldier’s and Sailor’s Memorial Arch, Spanish American War Memorial, State Capitol, The Pond, Tree Walk in Bushnell Park and Winterfest.  

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