Book Review – Spartan and The Green Egg – A Trip to the Rainforest by Nabila Khashoggi

Author Nabila Khashoggi has written a fun and educational new children’s book, Spartan and the Green Egg, a Trip to the Rainforest that is sure to provide excitement and wonder as young readers travel to the rainforest to experience an amazing journey.
A Trip to the Rainforest is the debut book in a continuing series of ten adventures with Spartan, his three friends and his dog, Grimm and their travels of the world. The mission of this talented team is to gain and share knowledge of their amazing discoveries.

With the power of their minds, they made contact with a race of alien explorers, who communicate with them via an egg-shaped spaceship that is itself an organic alien being. Their friend, Egg introduces them to new technology and cool gadgets along the way.

A Trip to the Rainforest takes Spartan and his team to the Amazon where they meet two Amazonian Indians and learn that the rainforest is in danger of vanishing; and all its animals and unique plant life are at risk of extinction. The children seek the help of the Green Egg and its technology to stop this path of destruction and save the rainforest.

Author Khashoggi emphasizes real life experiences and helps children understand the importance of taking care of our environment. The “Spartan the Green Egg” series is written for children ages six to ten.

Young explorer Spartan’s thirst for knowledge, vivid imagination and inventive problem solving are exactly what is needed to guide the team. His friends look up to him as a brave, dynamic leader.​

Katie is artistic, quirky and smart. This fun-loving girl is always ready to take on any challenge with creativity.​

As lovable as he is messy, Tor is an essential member of the group. Often weary, his genius lies in mechanics and engineering.​

Max likes to keep things in order with his neat and tidy ways. His ability to research and collect valuable information is a great help to the team when they go on their faraway journeys.​

Rescued by his beloved owner as an abandoned puppy, Grimm has been Spartan’s best friend and  loyal companion ever since.​

A gentle, shape-shifting alien who can change size from a tiny being that rests in Spartan’s head piece to a huge egg-shaped spaceship. Egg facilitates the groups trips with alien technology and stretches the team’s imagination as they face challenges and learn about the world.


Mother, author, and actress Nabila Khashoggi balances multiple activities, from securing financing for entertainment and industrial projects, to running Nabila K, the luxury beauty and home ambiance line.

When her eldest son Spartan was a toddler, she told him stories about a boy called Spartan who travels the universe in a live green egg (that happens to be an alien from another planet). The idea of a children’s comic book series was born and Spartan & the Green Egg, Book 1: A Trip to the Rainforest, the first in a series of ten books, was created.

Her intention was to introduce kids to environmental and cultural issues around the world, in a fun and entertaining way.

Designer – Ted Ruybal
Illustrator – Manuel Cadag

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My Thoughts
This was a terrific book.  The premise of the children (Explorers) using their imagination and having it take them to some great places is terrific.  I also love that the story has a message – a global message even.  Protect what you use and replace what you take.  The illustrations are masterful and colorful.  The style is that of a comic book type flow and perhaps that is the feature I most strongly like.  My son has special needs and it is often difficult to get him to try to read.  But he loves comic books.  This book grabbed his attention right away – as soon as I opened it.  The rule is he can have books after I review them but this one couldn’t wait – I had to “wait my turn”.  This was the first Spartan book but there is already a second one and another on the way.  I would love to continue to follow the explorers on their adventures and see what other imaginative trips they take and what they can change in the world.  I give this book 5 stars and will be following Nabila for future editions.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  

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