Making the Decision to Not Make a Decision

Made a new button with PicMonkey.  Thoughts?

Every now and then I think about having my site redesigned.  Then panic sets in and I stay as is.  I moved so many times during several years of my life.  My parents were divorced and moves just became something we did.  As an adult I have grown to hate change.  I truly panic about it.  When my husband wants to change around the bedroom – He has to totally do it without my help.  Not because I am throwing a temper tantrum or anything – I just can’t handle it.  I start to hyperventilate, sweat, have trouble breathing… The whole nine yards.  He knows this.  Problem is he feels like he is suffocating if it all stays the same all the time.  So we have an agreement – I can handle the change as long as it invisibly happens and he is perfectly fine with that.  Of course it never totally happens before I walk back in the door but it is complete enough that I just need to clean up a bit.  
Moral of this story – the same panic sets in when I think about my blog.  I don’t know what I want but I do know for sure what I don’t want.  I would prefer a little more pizazz on my site but not in a way to make it too busy.  Do I have any site that I am in love with their design and really want to use that as a model?  Nope!  

As a result – today, I made the decision not to make a decision…

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