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Product Review – #JamPaper Kraft Arts and Crafts Supplies

Jam Paper and Envelope offered me a great opportunity to try some of their Kraft paper arts and crafts supplies.  I received 50 sheets of Presidential Blue 28 pound paper, 2 Glossy Heavy Duty Die Cut Bags and a roll of Blue Duct Tape.

What you should know – I love paper – all forms of paper, cardstock, cardboard and more.  And where would the world be without all kinds of tape?  – Duct Tape (top of the list for sure), colored electrical tape, clear tape, washi tape and more…

To make some of the projects I had in mind I also used some of my existing supplies.  I have accumulated quite an array of supplies over the last couple years.  One project I did and one my daughter helped me with.  The two projects are separate from one another so don’t be surprised that the colors don’t match.  They aren’t intended to.

The kids will be going back to school soon.  They are a little nervous about meeting their new teachers so I will use some of the paper and the bags to make decorative bags for the kids to give a return to school gift to their teachers.  

The second project is just to jazz up two mini clipboards for the kids.  This was Sephora’s project.  I helped because sharp scissors were needed but the idea was hers.  

On to the first project…

For the teachers’ gift bag I started with just the bag.  I edged the top edge with white electrical tape.  I chose electrical tape because I wanted white and it was the only white tape I had on hand.  Then I layered a strip of blue/white washi tape on top of the white electrical tape to add some dimension.    I used the Presidental Blue paper to make a paper flower for each bag, along with a pink cardstock flower from cardstock I had on hand.  We will fill the bag with some assortment of supplies for their teachers. 

Here is a tutorial to make the paper roses – I am using different colored papers in this tutorial just to give you an idea of just how impressive these paper flowers can be.

This is a very easy project that even the kids can do with great results.  First you need a supply of paper or cardstock.  You can use almost anything – even pages from a book or magazine (which produce some beautiful and interesting results).  Today I am using some simple cardstock colors – bright colors to illustrate the process but the Presidential Blue Paper in my project.

First you cut out a circle in a spiral pattern – while cutting create a sort of scalloped edge by moving your cutting pattern in a wavy motion.  (see more details below)…

Starting with the outer edge (lower left of this photo) roll the entire spiral tightly.  Once you have all if it wound tightly, release it (it will not come undone, it will just loosen enough to form a flower).  The innermost portion of the spiral (center) will serve as a base to glue the flower upon.  The result is below.  The more concentric circles in your spiral, the more full the flower will be.

You can use these paper flowers to make bouquets, decorate gifts or gift bags, create garland etc… Pretty much anything you can use regular flowers for, substitute with paper flowers. 

This is what it looks like once you cut it into a spiral…

You don’t use tweezers for this project but I was using them so you could see the detail without my fingers being in the way.

Then you start rolling the spiral edge – start at the outer edge of the spiral moving inward.  It really doesn’t matter if you roll under or over – whatever is comfortable for you.  Just try to keep your rolling as tight as you can – that will keep the shape well after you have completed your rose.

start rolling

keep rolling…

keep going until you get to the center

the whole thing is rolled now

let it go… it will open up on its own – if you want it to open up more just put a little pressure on the center and it will automatically open up some – stop when it has the look you desire. 

For my current project I then just glued two (I may add more later – I tend to make last minute changes/additions) different colored flowers on to my bright bags.  


For project number 2 – my kids have been asking for a clipboard for some time.  I purchased a stack of the small ones a while ago but they were boring brown.  She went “shopping” in the craft room and came out with bright orange electrical tape.  She then simply layered the orange electrical tape and the blue duct tape in differing patterns (so she knows which one is hers and which is her brother’s).  The only help she needed from me was to cut the tape at the edges close to the clipboard.  

This was an extremely easy project for Duct Tape but I have so many other ideas for Duct Tape.  I have a top 5 list of necessary products that every home should have and an assortment of Duct Tape is number 1 on the list.  Some ideas are:

Other items I have made that never made it to the blog: Duct Tape Mini Skirt, Wallets, Purses, Totes, Folders, Business Card Holders, Bracelets and more… Duct Tape is incredibly versatile and JamPaper can meet your crafting needs.

Check out JamPaper’s full array of gift wrapping accessories and Glossy Heavy Duty Die Cut Bags and you can easily create your own fun projects.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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