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Never Be Without A Guitar Pick Again

Today’s project?

Making your own guitar picks.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many picks I ever buy – I can never find them.  There are times when my daughter will resort to using bread bag tabs – you know those square little contraptions designed to hold your bread bag closed and keep it fresh?  But what else can you use?

Got any empty gift cards around?  Or expired credit cards?  Store cards? Or basically any other type of plastic card – you get the idea.  Be sure to never do this with any personally identifiable information – stay away from those sections of the cards.

For illustration purposes I am using an old “points card”.  I simply trace a pick or rough out the size/shape of a pick if you don’t have one on hand – kind of the point.  Trace as many as you can where you won’t pick up personal info.

I used yellow sharpie in this instance to trace out picks.  As you can see it smudges.  That is good – because once they are cut out simply wipe them down and the marker is gone.  

Cut each shape out with a sharp pair of scissors taking care to proceed safely.

This is immediately after being cut out.  See how there is no longer any evidence of the yellow sharpie?!  Then all you need to do is file down the edges with either a fingernail file or some fine sandpaper.  

The thickness is most like a “medium” pick.  

So when you get gift cards for Christmas – don’t throw them out after they are empty.  Simply cut them out and use them as picks.

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