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Cheater Pizza

I love pizza – but I don’t care for tons of toppings.  My all time favorite pizza is plain old hamburger pizza with onions.  But in the real world – I can’t eat alot of pizza.

But this is one that I can eat.  It may sound disgusting to all you out there but it adds variety for me and I actually like it.  It isn’t too different from a cheese hotdog…

Take a Flatout slice of wheat flatbread – the full slice is only 100 calories.  Generally I will eat half.  Spread your sauce.  Now I could go low cal with this but nope – love the real stuff – I sacrifice elsewhere.  Then cut up two 99% fat free hot dogs – they are about 45 calories each – and spread on the pizza you are preparing.

Here is where I do sacrifice.  I add only a little bit of shredded mozzarella (regular) but to make it cheezier I add some shredded Parmesan cheese (not grated – though you could use grated if you wish). 

This is the cheese I use (sorry it is blurry)

Then of course I bake it – I could easily eat the entire thing and it still wouldn’t be that bad for me.  But generally I will eat half only and save the other half for another day.  There isn’t one other person in the house who will eat this – fine by me…

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