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Book Review and Giveaway – The Shift by Tory Johnson

Have you heard of Tory Johnson?  She is a Good Morning America weekly contributor who, like many of us, spent many years trying fad diets – and failing – convinced she would be fat forever.  I don’t know about you but that definitely sounds like me!  She blamed her childhood…her genes…and junk food.  Although she wanted to be healthy and thinner she was resigned to being plus size. 

One single conversation 18 months ago put an end to that. Tory was told by one of her bosses at ABC that her clothes didn’t do her justice and she wanted to send Tory to a stylist.  

Tory makes it clear that even though the words “fat” and “lose weight” were never used — nor was she threatened in any way — Tory took away: lose weight or lose your job.  In a flash, she realized she had to change for good and she was ready to do it.  

In the course of one year, Tory lost more than 60 pounds and  discovered that what she put in her head matters more than what she put in her mouth, and in the process, she became a happier, healthier person.

Tory tells her story and about her transformation in “Shift with Tory, Change Your Mind For A Better Life“.  This new book was published by Hyperion on 9/10/13.  Tory’s story is documented to help others to make changes necessary for weight loss, a better life, better health, better career, stronger relationships and more.  These lessons can be used by anyone who is struggling or stuck.  

Tory is very honest in her story.  She discusses her journey, her plan, what she is willing to give up and what she isn’t willing to.  She details how she managed the self discipline necessary to achieve her goals.  

Tory is now living a happier and healthier life and wants us to too!  Purchase Shift With Tory and start making a change now.  Her book is available at Indibound, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  

Tory is hosting six SHIFT WITH TORY TONIGHT events.  During these two-hour evening programs, she reveals her journey and her 5-step process for shifting.  

Dates remaining on her book tour include:  
Dallas (10/1)
Boston (10/7)
Chicago (10/15)
Tampa (10/21)
Washington DC (11/4)

Click here to learn more and to order your tickets to this evening event now —

Enter to win your own copy (Hardcopy) of The Shift with Tory Johnson!

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