Recycled Parts Become A Unique Wall Hanging

This piece of wall decor was created from items that I just couldn’t throw away. I am not a hoarder but I seriously have to think about just about anything I have before I throw it away and this was no exception.

We had one of those small (cheap) wooden round tables that I used the legs on another project.  You know the kind with the wafer board top that sells for about $14?  I had the circle tabletop left.  Then, a friend of mine gave me some metal pieces to some sort of table.  I never could quite figure out how to turn it back into a table – It clearly must have been missing some pieces.  But, it wasn’t destined to be turned back into a table anyway – it was destined for a new life. 

The last piece was a metallic basket with leaf like ornamentation.  I purchased this piece for pennies at the Goodwill outlet and knew some day I would have a plan for it.

The process – I spray painted the circle tabletop olive green;  then I glued (with E6000 of course) the metallic circle (the outer rim that you see) to the tabletop – creating a frame like setting.  Within that framed setting I placed the metallic basket.  It looks very cool on our wall in the stairwell.

Isn’t it just so awesome?!  It is approximately 2 1/2 feet in diameter.
I love this piece – simple yet gives me the illusion of being an “artist”.  Soon I will have an entire sculpture in the middle of the lawn made from recycled materials.  

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