We Are Married for 23 Years!

Today, my husband and I have been married for 23 years!  5 Kids and tons of dogs later, we have hit year number 23.  It was nice to end the week on a positive note because let me tell you – it was a doozie of a week. 

What did we do for our anniversary?  Nothing – that is fine by me.  We actually spent the day packing up the camper and closing it up for the season.  The kids celebrated Halloween at the campground with their site to site trick or treating and other festivities.  We said goodbye to our friends as we begin the season of our other activities – lots of day trips, Sunday School, music lessons and more. 

So as we close out another year of marriage and move on to the next I have no doubt there will be many more changes in store.  For example – Sephora is determined to get another dog into this house and prays every night for a lost dog to show up on our doorstep; Anthony may be in a different school within this year.; Bill (Jr) – if I have my way he will become a famous musician (he is definitely in favor of that plan) – Facebook is a wonderful place to build his fame;  Bob – maybe he will become a huge real estate guru;  Lastly, Coralyn?  Well, minimally she will become a mom.

The verdict – lots of changes in store for the next year!

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