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How I Keep Comfy Cozy Warm and Toasty

I am always cold.  For years I had this nice toasty comforter and I literally slept with that comforter all year long – even in eighty degrees.  I loved my comforter for warmth but also for the weight of it.  But alas the comforter started to lose it’s feathers and the fabric became so thin it was starting to tear.  I would sew it up whenever that happened because I couldn’t bear to part with it – but then it just became a ridiculous exercise in futility. 

My new solution?  I ran to the thrift store and purchased a very soft “broken in” quilt (not handmade) and at 50% off it was $5 (Queen Size).  But it just didn’t have the weight that I was used to and it didn’t feel like it would be quite warm enough.   I also purchased a fleece blanket from the thrift store for $3 (King Size).  I have fleece fabric that I could have used for what I wanted but it wasn’t wide enough – I would have had to sew two pieces together and I didn’t want that seam.

I brought them home – washed them a couple times and got to work.

I pinned the quilt onto the fleece blanket and sewed the two together.  Once sewn together, I used my rotary cutter to cut the fleece blanket neatly around the edge of the quilt.  I didn’t hem the fleece because the quilt and hemmed fleece would have been too thick to fit under my sewing needle.  But it doesn’t matter because fleece doesn’t fray anyway.

The result is a nice, heavy, attractive, toasty quilt!  Queen size for $8!

The quilt side of the blanket

The fleece/quilt and all its’ warmth and beauty!

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