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A Great Homemade Gift Option and Great Travel Toy

Would you be looking for some crafts to give as gifts this holiday season?  Here is one that I made in the past that was a huge hit for my kids.  I made this one for my daughter but one with a boy cat for my son.
First you need some printable paper dolls.  I found mine at HERE.
You need to print them on the inkjet printable magnetic sheets – DO NOT use these sheets in a laser printer!  Once printed, cut the dolls and all associated clothing out.  When you are cutting them, be sure to cut off all the tabs that are useful if you are printing on paper but not so much if they are magnetic dolls.  Be sure to keep any decent size pieces of magnet paper for use in other projects!  Waste nothing!
Make sure you have a tin that is large enough for your characters and their clothing.  I thought about resizing the images to fit into a gift card tin but decided I would rather use this tin from the dollar store.  Partly because it is cheaper and partly because over time it will allow me to build their collection of dolls and clothing.
Now she can carry her “paper” dolls anywhere she goes; not lose the clothing or dolls; the pieces don’t easily get lost or ruined etc…This is a great travel toy and always seems to pique the interest of other children.

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