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Making Your Own Coloring Pages – Quick and Easy

My kids always want coloring pages and they also want me to create images for them to do their zentangle/zendoodle projects.  Well, I can tell you that I can’t just draw a giraffe off the top of my head.  And although I used to be somewhat of an artist, those years are long gone.  It is definitely something you need to keep practicing or it just disappears.  
I find an image somewhere on the internet – in this case I was searching for a MockingJay (Hunger Games Fans anyone?).  The next movie is coming out soon so of course – the symbol is the MockingJay!
photo (25)
Turn the lights off in the room and place a sheet of paper over the screen image.
photo (24)
Now, simply trace.  Although it this case it wasn’t so simple because my daughter was trying to take pictures of the process and kept bumping in to me and our Newfoundland and English Mastiff definitely didn’t want to be left out of the process so they kept jumping on me.   But I am sure you will get the idea.
photo (23)
And here is the finished project.  You can put as much detail into it as you wish.  I did not want a great deal of detail because the zentangle designing 
will provide the detail.  
photo (22)
photo (21)

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