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Easy Treat – Pretzel/Rolo/Pecan Treats

These are soooo tasty and so easy.

I bought the square pretzels, a “ton” of rolos, and some halved pecans.

Simply lay the pretzels on a greased (Pam) cookie sheet.

Open up the Rolo candies and place one on each of the pretzels.  This is the most tedious task.  If you can find the Rolos that come in a tube shape – usually up at the register – it is alot faster since those are not individually wrapped.  CVS in my area has them.

Bake in the oven on 325 degrees for about 2 minutes.  As soon as they are melting a little and soft – remove them from the oven and start placing pecans on them and pushing down slightly (quickly).  Then make another batch because as soon as the first batch comes out the family will swarm to them and eat them all.  You will need a 2nd batch…

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