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Easy Holiday Treats – Sweet Happiness!

Have you ever purchased the white chocolate covered Oreos?  We have and LOVE them.  However, they are so expensive; there are so few in the package; and they just aren’t as “substantial” as they could be.

My daughter is “into” working in the kitchen on her own now.  However, she is still only 8 years old so most things need adult support.  This is one project that she can do pretty much on her own.  We melt some white chocolate in a candy melter.  We have spent tons of money trying to melt chocolate with a double boiler or the microwave and never had success.  Threw all that money down the drain.  A candy melter works perfectly and it never fails.  My tip of the day…

For this batch, Sephora chose white chocolate with blue and pink sprinkles in it.

Put approximately 3/4 of a teaspoon (no need to be precise – wing it) of the melted chocolate into the Oreo Candy mold.

Put an Oreo (we use double stuff – for everything) on the melted chocolate in each compartment.  Push down so some chocolate wells up around the cookie.  Then place approximately 1/4 teaspoon of melted chocolate on top.  Tap the tray so the chocolate melts its way all the way around the cookie.  Place the tray into the fridge or freezer.  Once the chocolate has solidified completely – remove each chocolate covered cookie from the mold.  

There are so many ways to attractively wrap these.  Have you seen the water bottles used as cookie packaging?  That idea is just the right size for these babies.  They are delicious but be warned – when you take your first bite you will think – Oh yeah I could eat these all day.  But by the time you finish one you will not be able to eat another.  They are so thick and rich and way more satisfying than the store bought versions!  

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