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#FFFVIP Product Review – Fab Fit Fun VIP Box

FabFitFun gives readers everything a woman needs to feel good from the inside out. In partnership with E! News host, reality star and author Giuliana Rancic, FFF provides readers with smart, simple steps to becoming your most fabulous self.

Our free daily emails are filled with the latest and greatest in beauty, fitness, diet and wellness. It’s a daily dose of insider beauty tips, effective workouts, Hollywood diet secrets, nutritious recipes, confidence boosting fun, honest relationship advice and head to toe well-being.

FFF aims to motivate, inspire and excite readers with a slew of great, healthy resources for every kind of woman — from the new college student to the new mom. Our content is optimistic, entertaining, cutting edge, often funny, occasionally snarky, and all about instilling confidence and power in women. It’s a way to kickstart your happy and get more from life.
With FabFitFun you can:

  • Get fit with heart-pumping workouts and cutting edge gear
  • Get gorgeous with the latest and greatest beauty must-haves
  • Get healthy with tasty recipes, guilt free snacks, and need-to-know nutrition news
  • Get well with stress-busting, relationship-strengthening, confidence-building secrets

Get Fit. Have Fun. Be Fabulous.

Here is my FabFitFun VIP Kit:

Giving Keys Necklace: Perfect for the season of giving back are the Giving Keys necklace. Every box will contain the Never Ending Necklace featuring a chic key pendant with a meaningful message. Wear the key and embrace the message until you meet someone who needs the message more than you. Then pay it forward and give the key away. The cute and karmic necklace is also a fave of A-list celebs like Ryan Gosling, Julianne Hough, Demi Lovato, Michelle Williams and more.

TruEnergy Headphones: Shake away all the extra holiday “goodness” (pounds?) while listening to some beats on your TruEnergy headphones. The bright colors of these amazing headphones will match perfectly with any cute outfit you put on! 

Beauty For Real Lip Gloss: Illuminating light up lip gloss that contains a built in mirror and light for a perfect application on the go!  Not to mention – the lip gloss is loaded with moisturizing antioxidants and plumping marine collagen.

Lorna Jane Bracelet:  A bright, bold pink bracelet worn around the world by active women everywhere.  The bracelet is a symbol of sisterhood and a daily reminder to “Move, Nourish and Believe” every day. 

Bioxidea Miracle 24:  Nutrient-infused, cutting edge face mask smooths skin and reduces signs of premature aging.  Advanced peptides reduce fine lines and wrinkles while arginine increases firmness and elasticity.  

Physique 57 Classes:  Available online – you can get fit anywhere, anytime.  Combining cardio, strength training, and stretching, this is the kind of burn we love.  Enjoy 5 classes!

Skyn Iceland Icelandic Eye Relief Cream:  Wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness don’t stand a chance when faced with this soothing, uber-effective eye cream.  

MeUndies Gift Card:  $20 – check out their undies, cute tees, and socks.  

Simple Foaming Facial Cleanser:  Rich foamy cleanser with skin loving ingredients.

NYX Eye Shadow Palette:  5 color eye shadow palettes with combinations for all eye colors and skin tones.

I am so incredibly impressed with the contents of the Fab Fit Fun VIP box.  There were so many items in there that I found impressive.  My favorite is the Giving Keys necklace.  What a great idea!  This is alot of value for $49.99!  I can’t wait for the Spring box and to see what kind of goodies it has!  This box is totally in line with my New Year’s goals to get fit and healthy in 2014. 

fabfitfun is a quarterly monthly subscription box that includes hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, fitness, and wellness from Giuliana and the fabfitfun team.  fabfitfun is $49.99/quarter. 

Order your quarterly subscription  HERE

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