Dog Paws

Xena Lee’s Dog Treats

 These are really easy cookies to make for your dogs.  Simply use baby food and flour.
We used the small plastic rectangular containers of baby food that are 3.5 oz each.  We made one batch of blueberry and one batch of sweet potato.  
(2) 3.5 oz containers of baby food
(1 1/2) cups of flour.  We use half white flour and half whole grain flour
Bake at 350 until they begin to turn brown.

Don’t forget to purchase food and flour with coupons!  We have giant breed dogs so we quadrupled this batch. 

Because I have to make such large batches I never have time to roll out the dough and make into pretty bone shapes.  We simply roll tiny balls in place them into our push pop tins.  They look like this – just the right size to make “bite size” snacks for our girls.  

There you have it – easy as can be and we have 144 new treats.

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