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#KindAwesome – My Personal Superhero – My Husband! @KindSnacks

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

KIND Healthy Grain Bars

As part of a review for KIND Bars new Healthy Grains Bars I have been asked to do a post about my own personal superhero.  Well that is easy.  My husband…. 

I am 100% sure my husband will be surprised to have me choose him as my personal superhero.  We have very busy lives… Stressful lives…and the kind of lives that people tell me all the time I should really write a book. 

Let’s start with me… Of course that is where it all began.  I have no doubt I am not an easy person to be married to.  I am not full of opinions and probably not the greatest conversationalist.  BUT when I do have an opinion about something – it is a strong opinion and I hang on to it for dear life.  My husband however, craves the sharing of opinions and the banter that goes back and forth with conversations of that nature.  Yet – he still loves me. 

I am always doing something; trying something; headed somewhere…  I don’t ever just take time to unwind.  To me unwinding is running outside to see how many coats of spray paint I can get in on some refinished furniture before the rain starts.  He would much rather just have me sit beside him on the couch and hold hands for awhile.  I can do that for about 5 seconds then I am crawling out of my own skin.  Yet – he still loves me.

When I want to do something – I do it big.  I wanted to take guitar lessons – somehow I ended up with about ten guitars, five or six amps, etc… I wanted to learn how to sew – can’t just have one sewing machine – I had to have as many as I could get good deals on.  A machine for everything.  Now you know I have only ever used one of them – the one I am comfortable with.  And did he show any sign of shock when he went into my craft room for a pair of scissors only to see wall to wall sewing machines?  NOPE.  Yet – he still loves me.  

We had several years where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  Nothing ever happened the way it should have.  Nothing with family, the kids, jobs, health, finances – nothing.  And when I was about as low as low could go – he still loved me.

We have five kids with special needs ranging from physical to mental needs.  Our married life has always been a challenge.  Most days I just take it all in stride and navigate my way through the chaos.  Most days I am just happy everyone is safe and sound.  But some days – rarely – I cannot do it.  Not one more minute of it.  Don’t look at me; talk to me; expect anything out of me.  I can’t make dinnner; I can’t do baths; I can’t navigate the mine fields associated with the kids special needs.  I am not the most patient on those days.  And guess what – he still loves me.

For years we went without.  Without anything and everything.  As we get older, quality time together is more important than ever.  We still have our youngest two children at home and it can be difficult to have quality time through the chaos of their special needs.  He works very hard to make sure we have our camping season every year – at a resort campground – several hours away.  Far enough away to “get away from it all” but close enough that we can come back if we need to.  Resort enough that we can still have fun and quality time even when the kids’ special needs don’t allow us to leave the campground.  And all because he loves me.

And when my husband walks into a room filled with empty (clean) frappuccino bottles; toilet paper rolls; soda bottles; cardboard and more – he doesn’t even say a word.  He simply turns and walks away like he didn’t see anything.  Because in the end my response will be I am working on a project for the blog.  And even then he still loves me.

So yes, my husband is my super hero.  

I received the KIND bars pictured above to review for this post.  I love the traditional KIND bars which come in more and more flavors all the time.  These bars are just as tasty and just as good for you.  Each bar contains 18-22 grams of whole grains sourced from a blend of 100% unique whole grains including amaranth, quinoa, gluten-free oats, millet and buckwheat making them the perfect snack for any super hero’s healthy lifestyle.
Flavors include:

Dark Chocolate Chunk
Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate
Vanilla Blueberry
Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt
Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut

There is not one flavor that I didn’t just love.  KIND bars are not loaded up with sugar.  Because of my children’s special needs I try to keep gluten free snacks available for them at all times. These are a great addition to our supply of available options.  They are also non GMO.  In this day and age it is becoming increasingly difficult to be sure the foods we are eating are not genetically modified.  Read about GMO – it is quite disturbing.  When my 8 year old figures out something is genetically modified she shouts from the rooftops that it is “poison”.  KIND snacks are a snack we all feel safe and secure feeding our family. 

These particular bars are not as crunchy as the original bars – their claim to fame is that they are also chewy.  And yes they are but not overly chewy.  Just the right blend of chewy and crunchy.  All of their snacks are made from all natural whole nuts, fruits and whole grains.  There are no secret ingredients and nothing artificial. 

KIND snacks has a great program where they support one project each month with $10,000. Projects can be submitted on their main website.  

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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