Book Review – Dog-Gone Good Cuisine by Gayle Pruitt

Dog-Gone Good Cuisine is a fun, healthy recipe book for humans and their canine kids. While there are other, successful doggie cookbooks in the marketplace, Pruitt’s second offering is unique in that the dishes are intended to be enjoyed by chef and pup together. It includes more than 100 balanced, delicious recipes that are corn, sugar, soy, and gluten free and is sprinkled with gorgeous, full color images of absolutely adorable rescue dogs. The recipes are human, canine, and kid friendly and are easy — even for the beginner cook. The book will include a chapter on holiday dishes, as well as special recipes to address illnesses. 
Sample recipes include:
Individual Spinach Kale Lasagna
Spiced Stuffed Peppers
Twice Baked Broccoli Asparagus Soufflé
Pears w/ Raspberry Sauce
Cream of Cinderella Pumpkin Soup
Chicken Pot Pie cooked in Sweet Pepper
Tomato Carrot Soup
Curried Beef Sliders
Salmon Florentine
And many more!
Gayle Pruitt is a certified nutritionist, chef and author.  She is on the Health Advisory Board and writes for Nutricula Magazine and Petological, a magazine from the pet’s perspective.  Pruitt’s recipes have appeared in national magazines and in bestselling cookbooks such as Hampton’s Diet Cookbook.  She lives in Dallas, TX. 

I love this book.  It can take quite a bit of effort to make food for our dogs (and we often do).  We have a Newfoundland and an English Mastiff.  It is like trying to feed two more teenage boys on top of a house with seven people in it already.  My favorite recipe right off is the classic chicken soup.  I do wish the book had pictures of each of the recipes – I am very visual and images of very helpful.  I also like that there is a canine only section including jerky.  I do have an awesome dehydrator and love any chance I get to use it.  I am sure I will make a batch of the chicken breast jerky!  I can’t believe no one else has made a book like this – at least not that I have found.  Great recipes and very well written.  The photographs that are included are awesome.  I highly recommend this book to any pet owners who want to take charge of their dogs diet rather than relying on commercial products.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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