American Girl Isabelle Doll Giveaway

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  1. Olivia says:

    I would really love the AG Girl Isabelle she is sooooooooo much like me I love to do ballet and I really love and want to do fashion design work when I am older! She seems so GREAT!!! 🙂 I would love to have her as my very own! Once I saw her I just new that she was the perfect doll for me! I recently got the magazine with her in it! I really love her long hair and can’t wait to get to style it and put it in buns and pig tails and pony tails too. Isabelle shows confidence and great courage in what she does! I want her as my doll because she is like a model and hero to me since she has lived my dream of being just like her! I really have been looking for an American girl doll and just knew that she was absoulutley with out a doubt the PERFECT doll for me!!!!! I really hope to win her and be able to call her my own! Thanks so much for having this contest! 😀

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