Five Interesting Facts About ME!

Okay so let me see…. Interesting facts…

1.  I chew my nails!  Yup – some days are worse than others and it doesn’t matter how busy I am, I always have time to chew them.  I hate that I do but am thankful that I do not smoke, do drugs, drink or any other vice that is extremely bad for me and expensive.  So as far as vices go – I guess chewing my nails isn’t too bad – though I would still love to not do it.

2.  My favorite bad for you food?  Are you ready for this… Mashed potato sandwiches.  Exactly what you would think it is.  Two slices of bread (oh and let’s just make it potato bread while we are at it).  Place some mashed potatoes in between (warmed up of course) and enjoy!

3.  If we didn’t have town ordinances, I could easily quit my job and stay home to raise my kids and rescue dogs.  We currently only have two dogs but my inlaws live in our house and have three – so five dogs in our house.  We have had as many as seven (five for us and two for them).  That was when the kids were younger and we didn’t travel much.  Now we travel an awful lot – we are always on the road so anything more than two would not be good for anyone.

4.  I need a million more hours per day.  I don’t sleep much between work, my family, my dogs, and my blog.  But what I really want is another 3-4 hours per day to focus on me!  A couple hours to enjoy some walks while listening to music or listening to a good book – most likely the book but who knows.  Then a couple hours to take a nap.  See that?  I would be willing to give up sleep to take a nap…Sleep takes more commitment.  A nap is a choice.

5.  I love love love to sing in the shower.  I don’t care who hears me or how loud I am doing it.  Also when I am working outside on a project – I will be dancing and singing while I am doing it.  Occasionally the ADHD kicks in and I get completely sidetracked and start jumping rope or using the hula hoops.  Then I remember just what I was doing and return to it.  Happens all the time.  As a result I always have multiple projects going and then get overwhelmed by the pressure to complete them.  It is a vicious cycle.  Then I take a nap…

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