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The Nook GlowLight – The Perfect Reading Companion

When e-Readers first came out I could not imagine giving up my books.  They have been such a part of my life since I was about 13 years old and my parents were getting a divorce.  I turned to books to escape all my daily struggles.  I have never looked back.  When I got my first job my budget plan always included enough money for three paperback books per week.  That was a good chunk of my take home salary when I was only making minimum wage working in a department store.

In 2012 I broke down and purchased tablets for my family – one for each of us.  That worked out great because we have two special needs children and we had been buying four copies of books that we were reading so we could each hold one in hand and co-read together.  That was expensive for sure.  The tablets solved that problem – we were able to purchase one book and all four of us were able to hold it in our hands via the tablet and co-read.  A much less expensive alternative in the long run.

Since 2012 though so many things have changed.  First of all the market for tablets and eReaders has changed considerably.  There are so many new options out there and you really have to do your research to see which one is best for you.

I started looking for a different option to replace my tablet a little while ago for a couple reasons.  First, I have cataracts and was finding reading on the tablets a little difficult and straining on my eyes.  Second, we travel a great deal and I wanted a reader that I can read in bright daylight as well as while I am laying in bed – with no glare!  Before, whenever I wanted to read my tablet on the beach I had to sit under an umbrella with a towel over my head covering the tablet and I.  Not an ideal reading solution at all.

Along comes the Nook Glowlight.  This is an eReader by Barnes and Noble that meets all my needs.  The screen is perfect for reading with my cataracts.  It has the newspaper print type of screen but with the option of a GlowLight so I can also read it in bed.  I can make the screen as bright as I like.  And the Nook GlowLight is almost half the weight of my current tablet.  That may not seem like a lot since none are truly heavy – but when you want to read for an hour or so that 12+ ounces can become quite heavy versus the Nook’s 6.3 ounces.

The Nook GlowLight can hold up to 2,000 books!  That is alot of books to carry around in my purse.  Before I could simply carry one paperback – that’s it.  I love the soft touch trim and the rounded corners.  It is such a sleek design.  I do have mine in a case but could just as easily use it “as is” with its great design.  I like a case though so I can decorate it to my heart’s content.  Barnes and Noble has a huge selection of books – millions – to choose from.  You can also go through other publishers and download the books in the correct format.  I can even choose the size font I want which is incredibly important with some of my eye issues.

At a mere .42 inches thick, 6.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide – it is the perfect size to take with me in my purse and always have it available while waiting in doctors offices, waiting for the kids, and so many other short breaks.

I also tend to forget to charge it – so the fact that a single charge can last up to 8 weeks! That is a very long period of time for one charge.  That means I keep it in my purse and always have it with me – everywhere I go – always available to use.

I haven’t utilized this feature yet but there is a LendMe feature on the Nook GlowLight so my friends and I can share books.  There are also so many other resources for ebooks such as my local library.

The supported format types are:

  • ePub, PDF
  • Graphic: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP4

As you can see from my photo – I purchased a snug fit red case for mine and applied vinyl Elvis and Beatles to personalize it.

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